IDOT Accepting HSIP Applications

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is now accepting applications for FY 2019 Local Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). This program provides funding for projects that improve a location/feature, or address a highway safety need that’s contributing to severe roadway crashes.

All project phases are eligible for funding with a maximum federal share of 90% with a 10% local share.

IDOT’s priority projects are ones that address severe crashes associated with roadway departure, intersections and pedestrians. IDOT will also give strong consideration to specific safety strategies that offer significant benefit to reducing severe crashes.

Projects for system-wide, systematic type, safety improvements (i.e. guardrail improvements/upgrades, signage, pavement marking, ect) can also apply for HSIP funding. However, funding for these systematic type improvements is capped at $1,000,000 in federal HSIP funds with a 10% local share per local public agency per fiscal year.

Applications are due by Friday, June 2, 2017, via electronically to IDOT District Local Roads and Streets Engineer. Applications located within IDOT District 1 should be submitted to Christopher Holt. Project selection will be announced the week of July 24, 2017.

Applicants are required to follow the State of Illinois’ Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA). Part of the HSIP application is to complete GATA’s Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance form and the Programmatic Risk Assessment Questionnaire. This also means that applicants must register and pre-qualify with GATA to apply for HSIP or any future state/federal grant. Your municipality/agency may already have register with GATA (will receive a GATA/GATU registration number).

To learn more, click IDOT Circular Letter 2017-11 and visit HSIP website.

Questions, please contact IDOT’s Local Program Development Engineer, Thomas Winkelman (217-782-0675) or your Planning Liaison (Janell Jensen; 815-334-4642).