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The Council of Mayors was created and authorized by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning Policy Committee for the purpose of:
  • Providing input into the region’s transportation policy decisions.
  • Facilitating communication between local governments and the regional transportation agencies.
  • Establishing the priorities for the local STP program and to implement programmed projects.

When it was first formed in October 1965, the Council of Mayors was basically comprised of Cook and DuPage Counties. Now the Council of Mayors encompasses the boundaries of the “six plus” county MPO region and has 272 suburban municipalities. These cities and villages are organized into eleven subregional councils of mayors, which meet on locally determined schedules. Each of these sub regional councils appoints two mayors to serve on the regional Council of Mayors policy board, known as The Council of Mayors Executive Committee.

The Council of Mayors is generally thought of as the suburban component of the MPO. Indeed, it was originally formed for the purpose of gaining suburban input to complement input from the city of Chicago, the counties, and the other transportation providers and implementers that sit on the CMAP Policy and CMAP Board (the MPO’s highest decision-making bodies). The mayor of Chicago is encouraged to be involved with the Council of Mayors Executive Committee. The Executive Committee agendas are sent to the city of Chicago. The participation of both Chicago and suburban local governments is an essential component to developing a successful program.

The members of the Council of Mayors are:
The Village of Algonquin
The Village of Barrington Hills
The Village of Bull Valley
The Village of Cary
The City of Crystal Lake
The Village of Fox River Grove
The Village of Greenwood
The City of Harvard
The Village of Hebron
The Village of Holiday Hills
The Village of Huntley
The Village of Johnsburg
The Village of Lake in the Hills
The Village of Lakemoor
The Village of Lakewood
The City of Marengo
The Village of McCullom Lake
The City of McHenry
The Village of Oakwood Hills
The Village of Port Barrington
The Village of Prairie Grove
The Village of Richmond
The Village of Ringwood
The Village of Spring Grove
The Village of Trout Valley
The Village of Union
The Village of Wonder Lake
The City of Woodstock
The County of McHenry