STP-L / CFP Application FAQ’s 

Where can I find the latest STP application and what application materials do I have to submit? Do I submit my application through eTIP?

You may find the latest STP application and STP-L Methodology and Guidebook here.  A complete application with any necessary supporting documents is required. Applicants do not have to apply through the eTIP but do need to submit their applications to the Planning Liaison, Jazmin Vega, at jsvega@mchenrycountyil.gov.

How long will a review/approval of an application typically take? Will applicants know by the March 18, 2022, STP application submittal deadline?

Decisions on funding will not take place until after the submittal deadline, when we have received all the applications. Since we typically receive far more requests for funding than we are allocated, projects are scored and ranked to determine which ones will receive funding and which projects will be included in the contingency list. The timeline for program development can be found on the MCCOM website here.

Is the inclusion in an adopted plan a requirement to apply for STP-L funding?

No, an inclusion in an adopted plan is not an application requirement.

Is a resolution adopted by the municipality committing the local match funds is required as part of an application?

No, this is not a requirement in the MCCOM STP-L application process.

How will applicants be scored if they enter a contract with our consultant? 

By the submission deadline, projects must have necessary supporting documentation to receive points for the corresponding milestone. The required documentation for the various readiness milestones are shown on page 10 (roadway and intersection projects) and page 15 (resurfacing projects) of the STP-L application. Higher points are then assigned based upon successive IDOT approvals / NTPs moving the project “up” in terms of readiness through those milestones listed in the table. Only the last achieved milestone can be selected within the application itself and the points are allocated correspondingly as the readiness “increases” for the project when moving up through the milestones listed.

What is the earliest FFY our project may be funded in?

Our current call for projects is to program projects in FY 2023 – FY 2027. This table provides available funding for each given year. There are scenarios where funding could open in earlier years. There may be some projects in our active program that will apply to move back in the program, due to project delays. There might also be additional funding to the fiscal years, making it possible to fund the entirety of the project.

Is there a point system for the ADTs of roadways?

Yes, all submitted projects will receive points based on the ADT using a simple formula. For two lane roadways, divide the ADT by 1,000; for four lane roadways, divide by 4,000. This will give you the total amount of points you should expect for the project. Each project can score a maximum of 15 points in this category. This information is found in the STP-L Guidebook and Methodology document located on the McHenry County Council of Mayors website.

If my project is on the current contingency list, do I need to reapply?

Please remember that all projects currently included on the contingency list, and any that may be on the contingency list before the end of the FFY (such as those with any chance of missing an obligation deadline this year) must submit a new and complete application during this current Call for Projects cycle in order to be considered for funding or to remain on the contingency list after 9/30/2022. This includes projects grandfathered onto the contingency list during the prior initial Call for Projects in 2020.